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WordPress Support as a Service is single-handedly the most vital component to WP E-Signature and  It is because of the wpSaaS team and their delicate attention to customer satisfaction that our refunds have decreased and our productivity as a company has skyrocketed.

Kevin Grey
Founder of ApproveMe

Offloading my tier 1 support to wpSaaS has saved me a ton of time! This is the first thing every plugin or theme company should do. wpSaaS is has been excellent to work with!

John Turner
Founder of SeedProd

Before outsourcing support to wpSaaS, I found myself getting constantly interrupted with support requests and not being able to focus on other important tasks.

After hiring wpSaaS, I was able to take back control over my time and spend it on marketing and developing my plugins. As a result, revenues have increased and exceeded past performance.

The monthly reports with statistics and suggestions have also helped decrease the overall support load by in turn helping improve my plugin documentation. If you’re doing all your own support and find yourself unable to scale your business as a result, I highly recommend giving wpSaaS a shot.

Phil Derksen
Founder of wp Simple Pay Pro

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