Customer Support

Don’t leave your customers hanging while you debug


Has your team ever found a bug or had one reported by your customers? If you are in the software business then you likely answered “yes.” So you direct the team to resolve the bug – while also performing other tasks which they were already working on. This alone has cost your team time. Your…

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Why WordPress plugin and theme updates are important

One of you customers contacts you and says, “your product is great but it just stopped working for no reason after 6 months of working flawlessly. Please fix it as soon as possible, it is costing me money.” 1. You – I will certainly be happy to get this resolved for you, please tell me…

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Technical support tiers support explained


Objective: To share basic information about technical support tiers. Audience: Anyone interested in information that can be used when structuring their support tiers or just interested. All organizations provide support in a manner that works for them. There are many different variables to consider when structuring a support organization. Those are outside the scope of article but we would like…

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wpSaaS Support Kit: Sysinfo is a useful plugin

One of the more efficient first steps when troubleshooting an issue is to identify what your end users setup looks like. What we mean by that is you want to know if the web hosting environment where the WordPress site has been installed, meets the minimum system requirements for running your plugin. If it does not and…

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Good Customer Service

Someone once said, “Your customer doesn’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” That sums up the premise for providing good customer service. Nowadays when incivility has become as commonplace as Smartphones, good customer service – fed by the concept that the customer is always rights – is vanishing like…

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